Hi all,

I’m going to be taking a hiatus of undetermined length so I can spend some time focusing on a few recent writing appointments. As a result, the site will be going silent for the foreseeable future, as I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to reading the volume of work necessary to maintain a book-focused blog on a constant basis. However, everything will remain available and active–I won’t be shutting anything down permanently.

That does NOT, however, mean that I will cease to write reviews entirely. Those that I do write will be posed on my personal blog, and a link will be added to the bluefoxfables twitter feed.

When I start doing high volumes of book reviews again, I’ll consider bringing them back here to Blue Fox Fables, but for now, I think it’s best to consolidate on my main site.

Thanks, guys! And I hope you’ll visit me there. In addition to reading, I’ll be talking about art, TV/film, editing, writing, crafts and other fun things.



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