A to Z #26: Z is for Zoo

zooOver time, I’ve become unexpectedly interested in dark stories. I frequently try to locate horror novels that will peak my interest, and which I can also “get” since the horror genre, in general, goes over my head more often than not. Sometimes I think I like the idea of horror stories more than the real thing.

Zoo by Otsuichi, however, is very much on my wavelength. It’s difficult to describe exactly why–perhaps because, like much Japanese horror, it’s somewhat understated, which I actually find more terrifying than much of the English-language horror I’ve read. Also, despite taking place in the “real world,” the stories have a ghostly, unearthly aspect to them that I can appreciate.

I don’t pretend that Zoo is going to be for everyone–not even all fans of horror–but if you like dark stories or Japanese horror, you might want to go give it a go.




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