A to Z #24: X is for xxxHolic


xxxHolic is one of the many works of the mangaka team CLAMP. As I’ve probably mentioned in a post somewhere else on the blog, CLAMP takes all of your love and expectation for their characters and crushes it beneath four sets of giant lady boots named Unrequited Love, Mental Anguish, Emotional Devastation, and Pretty Fuzzy Things.

But in all seriousness, xxxHolic, while not immune to the team’s convoluted cross-overs and tear-inducing endings, is hilarious. It’s also got some great art–the color images of the covers and some of the inner panels are just so gorgeous and detailed that I could spend hours looking at them. xxxHolic also has some of my favorite characters in the CLAMP universes (which all crossover at some point or another). Yuuko and Watanuki are fantastic together. And, of course, Watanuki’s relationship with Doumeki is quite funny as well.

But beneath it all is the dark, uber-sad layer that is classic CLAMP. The manga does get more somber as the series progresses. When I finally read the last volume, it was one of those mind-blowing, heart-exploding moments where you can’t believe they just did that.

I have yet to read any volumes of xxxHolic Rei, which is coming up on its third one very soon. Part of me doesn’t want to put myself through it all again. And yet…it’s so hard not to give in.



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