A to Z #23: W is for Watership Down

watershipAah, Watership Down, which I read in a couple of days sitting on a ladder in a filing shed because I was out of things to file.

This book is complicated at times, but so worth the read. And heartbreaking. But, again, worth the read. It’s about…rabbits…if you didn’t know. But a whole world and community of rabbits…several of them, actually! And they’re quite complex, with a language and everything. Richard Adams is quite impressive with his details, and his language is absolutely beautiful.

My memory of the novel is a little fuzzy simply due to how long it’s been since I read it, but I recently watched the animated film again, which was just as terrifying as the first time I watched it. I admit, I don’t love it when characters I like are in mortal danger. I mean, yes, of course, it makes for an exciting story. But it’s so stressful. And let’s be real–every character in this book is in peril all of the time. Plus, they’re rabbits! I don’t like rabbits in peril!

Wow…I almost regret that I gave this book away recently. I might have to look into getting a kindle version…or I would do, but it’s $10.99 and that’s a no. I can just buy my copy back from the used bookstore.



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