A to Z #21: U is for Unicornis

unicornisOne of the things I was hugely into as a kid was unicorns. Any book about unicorns needed to be on my shelf. There are still several books on my shelf today about unicorns that I have not, in fact, read because other than the subject matter, there wasn’t anything particularly interesting about them.

From what I recall, I found Unicornis at a completely random shop in a mall (in Florida, in the 80s). Maybe it was a new age shop, or maybe it was an interior design store–I don’t remember. The important thing, of course, was that it was clearly a book about unicorns. But not just a book as in a novel–it was an illustrated book that treated the subject as if it were a book of legends and a field guide combined. It was described as a manuscript about the truth and history of unicorns.

I loved–and still love–the drawings in this book. I think they’re incredible. The whole concept of the book is a lot of fun. These days it’s not groundbreaking concept, but back then it was the first thing like it that I had ever seen.

I wonder why I never researched this book to find out if there were other, similar, ones out there. Or, at the very least, why I never looked up the publisher or the author. Guess I’ll have to add that to my to-do list.




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