A to Z #14: N is for No Time for Rabbits

notimeforrabbitsFor the majority of this A to Z blogging challenge, I’ve been writing about books that I recall from my middle and high school years. Now, I like to think that I remember at least a little about these books. At the very least, I have specific recollections about them, regardless of how relevant those recollections are to the story. But in the case of No Time for Rabbits by Jane McFann, I can honestly say that pretty much all of my memories about this book are wrong. At least, according to Amazon.

What I do recall correctly about this book is that it takes places in an empty high school, more than one person is present in the school, and for whatever reason, they’re trapped without any assistance.

Somehow, I’m remembering that there was a serial killer involved and/or a science fiction plot. But according to the book’s summary on Amazon, that is 100% incorrect. I suspect that I’m conflating the memory of this book with a creative writing project I had been working on at the time. Which is too bad, really, because the made up narrative in my head tells me it would have been a fun story.




One response to “A to Z #14: N is for No Time for Rabbits

  1. Been there. Mystery By Moonlight, my first book report, is nothing like what I remember compared to the story.

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