A to Z #12: L is for Last Unicorn

last-unicornPeter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn was one of the formative stories of my childhood. Originally, I watched the movie over-and-over until my parents were about to strangle me with the VHS tape. But during one of my viewings, I actually took the time to read the credits during the introductory song (which I still love), and I realized it was based on a novel.

Actually getting ahold of the novel was trickier than I’d expected, what with my being in high school and internet purchases not really being a thing at the time. But then they re-released it for one of the anniversaries, and I was finally able to read the story that spawned the movie I loved so much.

And it was awesome. I mean, probably slow for some people, but I loved every second of it. It explained quite a few things from the film that I had never understood, and it went into more depth with some of the characters (thank heavens).

All around, this is still one of my favorite books. I do have my original copy, as well as the “lost” version, the follow-up story, and the graphic novel. I also have a Last Unicorn Christmas ornament…I have no idea where it came from, but…yay! Oh, and a soundtrack CD, which turned out to be a very expensive import from Germany that my dad bought me back when Amazon was still a baby company.

Now I’m just hoping the tour comes to an Ohio city I can actually get to next year. Otherwise I’m going to have to fly to Florida or something because, seriously.




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