A to Z #11: K is for Kodocha

Kodocha-vol-1I became aware of the Kodocha manga in the early 2000s, due entirely to picking up some Kodocha anime rentals at Tate’s Comics in South Florida.

From the opening theme song, it was obvious that this story was going to be cracked. Add to that the lightning-fast subtitles and generally hilarious comedy, and I was like….whhaaaat am I watching?

At the same time as this story is crazy as all get out, it also has some really darkish moments. This is clearer in the manga since the anime only covers the first portion of the story.

I don’t remember much about Kodocha to be honest, besides the main character being a child star who, I think, has a highly inappropriate crush on her manager or something. I dunno…. But that’s why I’m planning to re-read the manga this year and review it for the site. So look forward to that!




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