A to Z #10: J is for Juniper Game

junipergameThe Juniper Game was another of my many middle school reads. This one centered around a girl named Juniper who had a telepathic link to another girl in the past who was on trial for witchcraft. In the present, Juniper experiences all of the things this other young girl goes through, which is a bit problematic when she’s finally burned alive.

What I remember about this book is that Juniper connects with a young man of a similar age (around 14) who happens to be a fantastic artist. He’s able to render her telepathic experiences into art pieces. Juniper’s only request is that he doesn’t render them in pen and ink, because that would just be too much for her. I’m guessing this is because they would be too beautiful or emotional? Which is interesting because I don’t find pen and ink work particularly evoking, myself. . . .

In the end, I think Juniper ends up realizing that her artist friend is a much better person than her prettier but less interesting boyfriend. I don’t think that happens in real life, but good for her! It’s a fantasy, after all.

This book stayed on my shelf for a long time, so I did enjoy it quite a bit. Though I’m beginning to think there aren’t that many books that I didn’t enjoy as a middle-school kid.



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