A to Z #9: I is for I Who Have Never Known Men

iwhohavenevercoverWow, there are just no high-res images for this book out there. And since I just gave my copy away to the used bookstore, I can’t scan it…!

Anyway, I Who Have Never Known Men is a book that I read in…possibly high school?…and purchased at a B. Dalton. Who knows what a B. Dalton is? Virtual cookies for you if you do.

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where whole bunkers of people have been abandoned. From what I remember, these people were actually locked in these bunkers, so it wasn’t a nice, helpful thing. But, like I said, one day they’re abandoned for reasons that are never explained, and the people escape into the world . . . or something.

The important part is that the bunkers were gender specific. So our main character is a young woman who has been locked up in this place with all of these other women for as long as she can remember. She’s never met a man. Doesn’t understand why the other women talk about them or seem sad that there aren’t any around. I think at one point, they come across a bunker that had been inhabited by men only, but I can’t remember if they were dead or gone or what. . . .

I remember that I enjoyed this book, but man-oh-man was it a sad one. It had a pretty melancholy tone throughout the story. I don’t recall if we learn what happened to the world, but for the most part these women have to survive together on their own in the wild. It’s not a happy hair-in-the-wind kind of thing.

The irony of the main character, who has never seen a man, or wanted one, or had a child, or even considered the possibility of having a child is that she ends up dying of uterine cancer. So, yeah . . . it’s not what you would call an uplifting book.



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