A to Z #8: H is for Harry Potter

harrypottercoverUnlike the rest of the world at large, while I like the Harry Potter series, I don’t love it. It actually took quite a few years before I would even try these books because, when they came out, I was working in a bookstore. And, when you’re a bookstore associate, there’s nothing like a bunch of obnoxious, rabid fans and endless endcaps of over fifty books to arrange, not to mention the nights when you have to work way past midnight for release days then still spend hours cleaning up the store despite needing to get up the next morning at 6am for your college class, to make you hate on a series for no reason. It was the bane of my existence for a while. As was Pokemon.

It actually took my best friend at the time writing a completely unrelated short story in the Harry Potter style so that I would say, “Wow, I’m loving this style!” so that she could respond with, “Well, I’m glad you said that, because that’s how Harry Potter is written,” before I would even consider it. I can thank her for her minor manipulation in that case.

Unfortunately, the writing style that I so loved about the first three Harry Potter books sort of died in the later novels. It was like Rowling already had her audience, so she wasn’t trying very hard anymore. Or maybe she just forgot what her old books were like. Or you could, I suppose, claim that she did it intentionally–but you wouldn’t be able to convince me of it.

I try to be open-minded when people tell me how much the Harry Potter series changed their lives or got them into reading, because I can’t help but think…really? There are so many other good things out there! But the truth is, I’m not from the age range that would have really been affected by it. I enjoyed the books and the characters and the movies that were eventually spawned from them, but it definitely didn’t change my life or change anything about my reading habits. But for those it did, good for you.




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