A to Z #6: F is for Fallen Host


Lyda Morehouse’s AngeLINK series was one of my favorites in the early 2000s. I first picked up her novel Archangel Protocol when I went through an angel phase, buying up as many angel-related books in the SF/F department of Books-a-Million as I could find. Hers was easily my favorite of the three I purchased, and I thought it was a standalone novel.

Then, lo and behold, while browsing the Waldenbooks (when that was a thing that malls used to have) about two years later, I stumbled upon Fallen Host, the second book in the AngeLINK series. I knew what it was right away because of the cover art, so I snatched it then and there.

I was overjoyed. Even more so when it turned out that the second book revealed much more about the Morningstar character (aka Lucifer), who quickly became my favorite.

Okay, wow. Just writing about this for the last three minutes has made me really want to go back and reread those books.

I believe the AngeLINK series is out of print, but you can get it for Kindle for relatively cheap. It’s fun if you like angels and interpretations of religious events thrown in with your hackers and science fiction and futuristic environments and whatnot. I do warn you, however, that it is definitely not going to be a good read for hardcore religious puritans of any kind.




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