A to Z #5: E is for Eat to Live

eattoliveA little over a year ago, I read Joel Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live, at the suggestion of a nutritionist. Personally, I found it incredibly enlightening, and it made me all too aware of the fact that the majority of what I’d been eating was processed sugars, breads and cheeses with almost no vegetable intake whatsoever.

Eat to Live helped me make my diet more nutritious. I believe whole-heartedly in the “nutritarian” diet outlined by Dr. Fuhrman. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult for me to put into practice unless I prepare and cook every single one of my meals at all times. I did for a while, and I won’t lie–the results were amazing and very satisfying, both in weight loss and in how I felt overall. I was happy, energetic, and excited about pretty much everything.

But, seriously, it comes with a lot of ups and downs. U.S. food culture isn’t set up for this kind of healthful eating, and most people don’t get it. Largely, they’ll tell you how weird you are out of some unnecessary defensive reaction–as if they need to justify what they’re eating to you by negating what you’re trying to accomplish.

Also, restaurants in U.S. serve really crappy food. Unless you find the rare vegan restaurant, you have very little chance of making it through a dinner without throwing the waitress and the cook into a righteous rage.

It’s complicated, but I still believe in this dietary plan.




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