Write More! Writing Log #8

Welcome to the writing log, in which I tell you how my writing progressed or didn’t during the previous day. (Character names and other details will be mentioned judiciously to protect what I’m working on, obviously.)


6 Jan 2015 – 7 Jan 2015

Word Count: 0 in fiction / 1475 in blog posts

Writing Summary: Loads more written in blogs. Had a writing sit-in at lunch on Wednesday but worked on revisions instead of new word counts.

Thoughts: Even though fiction hasn’t been my focus for the last few days (but we’re getting there), it’s been really satisfying to get work done for the blog. It’s been so long since I worked on blogging in any reliable capacity that I was starting to think that I should finally let it go. Of course, I tried that when I moved the blog from The Reader Eclectic to Blue Fox Fables, but it just didn’t stick.

So far I’ve managed to sit down every night since returning from vacation to write for the blog. I admit that it’s taking up most of my free time between work, physical therapy, and bed. I read and reread these posts for correctness, and even then I still miss errors. But it’s not really the writing or the editing that takes the longest–it’s making all of the images. If I didn’t have to do that, I could work up posts more quickly. But then, of course, there would be no visuals. Occasionally I do still skip the images–those posts are probably apparent to anyone reading the blog–though I sometimes go back and add them later.

When I do start working on the fiction, I expect the blogging will suffer to some degree. Tonight I spent all of my time working on posts, and I never did get around to any of my to-do list, so I can only imagine how working on story will suck away the hours. But…I’ll do it anyway. If all else fails, I’ll scrawl a few pages over my lunch breaks.



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