Write More! Writing Log #6

Welcome to the writing log, in which I tell you how my writing progressed or didn’t during the previous day. (Character names and other details will be mentioned judiciously to protect what I’m working on, obviously.)


9 Dec 2014 – 3 Jan 2015

Word Count: 126 in fiction / 205 in blog posts

Writing Summary: A small amount of fiction written in early December and a short blog post written for the weekend. About what I’d except for the holidays.

Thoughts: Christmas and New Year tend to be very busy times of the year for me. Despite always having big plans to work on my writing, reading, or other various hobbies, it never quite works out. All of the traveling I have to do causes me to lose whole days, either on the road or sleeping off lag on the following days. Then there’s the family gatherings and needing to be in the midst of people at all times. Add to that the fact that I don’t concentrate well when I’m away from home and out of my element. No, the holidays are not usually very productive for me, nor do I really expect them to be. Hopefully the next few weeks will see me begin to catch up.



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