Write More! Writing Log #5

Welcome to the writing log, in which I tell you how my writing progressed or didn’t during the previous day. (Character names and other details will be mentioned judiciously to protect what I’m working on, obviously.)

writemore_banner7 Dec 2014 & 8 Dec 2014

Word Count: 368 in fiction / 475 in blog posts

Writing Summary: Struggled with the opening of chapter ten, wherein characters are getting dressed and being random. Might cut this opening later. Also, writing log #4, in which I discuss the difficulties in starting a new chapter. Started a second post on what I’m currently reading, but that got temporarily aborted due to time constraints (i.e.: I should go to bed before midnight).

Thoughts: Generally speaking, I feel like the words I’ve put down on Bluvale for the last two days have been pretty pointless. As with not caring about Hobbits taking baths in The Fellowship of the Ring, I doubt anyone will care about my main character getting ready for this ceremony he has to attend. The point of this scene was to establish the makeup box, which will come up later, and also to revisit the letter he had received, but that’s really it. And it’s not essential. It’ll probably get nixed in favor of fast-forwarding the story straight to the main action. Because, honestly, how much talking do these people need to do?

After finishing my word count for the evening, my sister called to discuss what I had written in chapters seven through nine. I explained to her that the timing was giving me fits, because in story time, he’s only been in this city for about three days, but it feels like months. I would rather it be months for that matter, but that just doesn’t make any sense given what the character is doing right now.

We agreed that we like the idea of splitting the story up into three acts based on the seasons (summer, autumn, winter) because the character is supposed to be there a long time. We also agreed that each act needs it’s own mini climax (except the last one, of course, which will obviously be the final climax). Neither of us could figure out what the mini climaxes in the first two acts would be in the ten minutes she had to talk, though, so that’s a continuing conversation.

In trying to brainstorm, however, I explained what’s supposed to happen in the next two to three chapters so that she could give me her opinion and also help me with the division of time. In the end, that opinion basically boiled down to “I see what you’re doing there, and I like it, but you realize that you have no repercussions for your next main event, and that doesn’t make any sense.”

Well, damnit.

Hello, plot hole. Welcome to the party.

After this conversation, I realized that I need to make a few major decisions in the story but I’m really not sure how. I need to revise the scheme of the novel if I want it to fit within the three act structure. My other option is to scrap the three-act concept, take out references to how long the main character is supposed to be in the city and just let it fly from there. But that takes away some of the danger, since the length of time the character remains there does, in fact, affect him in the long term. Never mind that we also agreed that two of my characters are being criminally underused, and I just can’t see a way, at this particular moment, to include them any more than they’re already included. Meanwhile, three new people will be added to the frenzy by the time we reach chapter fifteen. Maybe. Maybe?

Oh my cats. The pieces. The tricksy, puzzly pieces.

Needless to say, the events on my current timeline are defunct, which really just leaves the question: What now?

This situation feels more like a plot pit than a plot hole. So, there you are. I’m in a plot pit.

Kudos to my sister, though, for being so helpful. She’s the best with the constructive criticism. Also, she’s following events really well. By talking to her, I can tell if I’m successfully hitting all the high notes.



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