NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 5


For those of you who are doing NaNoWriMo this year, you might be able to relate to the situations I’m finding myself in.

This year, I decided to work on the same story that I worked on in 2010. When I began a few days ago I had over 35,000 words already in the manuscript, but there was still plenty more to go. An additional 50,000 words on this story would, I thought, be fantastic. So why not start where I am?

The following is a log of my first five days:

Day 1: Didn’t write. Spent most of the morning cleaning house and going to the grocery store in preparation for a scary movie marathon with friends. Did that. Had a blast. Was too tired to write at midnight.

Day 2: Blew the word count out of the water so, while I was still a little behind from Day 1, I wasn’t especially concerned.

Day 3: Okay, this character REALLY talks a lot, and according to my outline, we’re going from one talking scene straight into another talking scene. No. We need conflict. It’s time to mess up this guy’s day. But how? Didn’t get as much written as I’d hoped because I’m trying to figure out where to go between the two segments of the outline. Decided to break out Carol Berg’s new book, Dust and Light, because the woman is amazing and I need her words right now. Koji Suzuki just wasn’t doing it for me.

Day 4: Is this story even interesting? I’m beginning to lose my sense of conflict. When does the fun part happen? I’m ready for a new character. But I’m already not using the characters I have. I don’t even know! Argh, emotional crisis. Also, only wrote 600 words. Boo.

Day 5: Word cannot read your file because it is corrupt. ….




And that, folks, is where I am at the moment–trying to recover a document that I’ve worked on four years now. Thank God I emailed a fairly recent copy to a friend because, if I hadn’t, I’d be well and truly screwed right now. As it stands, I only lost today’s word count, which is better than losing over 40,000 words.

Still, that very effectively pulled me out of the writing mindset. This may be an indication that I should go to bed.

As of tomorrow, I’ll be 6,000 words behind. Think I can still make it? Here’s hoping.



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