Book Blogger Hop #12 (5/13-5/16)

Welcome to this week’s Book Blogger Hop!

For anyone new who’s interested, you can click the image below to check out the source of the BBH.

Book Blogger Hop

Oh my heavens, it’s Friday again already? Wow…. Well, this week’s question is

“Are you going to Book Expo America (BEA)
and/or the Book Blogger Convention (BBC) this year?”

Sadly, I am not, though I would really love to. I haven’t been to an event like this in ages–and I’ve never been to a book-centric one, so I’m sure the experience would be amazing.

I generally never have the funds to go anywhere outside of Florida. And since nothing actually HAPPENS in Florida, well…I am a bored genre geek indeed. In the case of something like the BEA or the BBC, however, I could be convinced to go if I were traveling with someone else. I’m a huge fan of going to conventions with other people–actually, I never go to conventions without at least one other person with me–so if I ever become friendly enough with someone else who’s going, I will very likely go myself. Or, if I move closer to where the events are being held. That would certainly make it easier.



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