A Little Bit of Trivia

I’m about to post my review of Resurrection Code by Lyda Morehouse. Don’t even ask why it has taken so long. I honestly have no idea. This usually happens when I try reviewing a book I really liked, so there you are. That’s the only reason I’ve got.

But while I’m pulling it all together, tidying up my grammar, and doing the page formatting, here is some random trivia about me as regards Morehouse and her books.

  • I originally purchased Archangel Protocol during an angels phase I was going through when working at Books-a-Million. That same day, I purchased The War in Heaven by Theadore Beale and Archangel by Sharon Shinn.
  • A couple years later, back when the site had a different name, Morehouse became my first ever author-requested review. She sent me an ARC. I was flipping out. ;D
  • Later that same week, Theadore Beale contacted me for a review as well. Considering I bought their books at the same time, I thought that was really weird and, also, awesome.
  • I found her second novel, Fallen Host, completely by accident at the bookstore. It was one of those moments when you look at a book and think: Gee, this cover art looks weirdly familiar…wait…. This was before I started watching the Internet for release dates and such, so I didn’t even know there was a sequel at the time. The friend who was with me when I found it probably thought I’d lost my mind, I was so excited.
  • I was supposed to review her last book, Apocalypse Array, before it came out. She sent me photocopied pages, which I thought was funny. Unfortunately, the following things happened in quick succession: I graduated from art school, I got uber-sick with a reaction to a medicine and ended up in the hospital, I spent three months recovering at my family’s house while being largely unable to flex my hands or walk, and, right after that, I started the process of moving to a new city. As a result, I never actually managed to review that book, and I still feel rather bad about it.
  • My old fanart of Morningstar is still up on her fanart gallery, and if you happen to know my first and/or last name, you’ll be able to find it. But I’m not giving hints. (As to the new art I want to do, I’m still working on it, but I’m having a surprisingly rough time portraying Morningstar with short hair. Huh….)
  • When people ask me what author I’d most like to be stuck on a desert island with, I always answer Lyda Morehouse. I think she’d be endless fun.

And there you are–random trivia. Review to follow in thirty minutes or less, provided the insurance people don’t call and interrupt me about that time.



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