Farewell, Tokyopop

Over the weekend I heard the news that Tokyopop will be shutting down its operations in the US. To say that I’m saddened by this would be stating the obvious, but after reading the press release as well as The Manga Critic’s thoughts on the matter, a ton of things begin to make sense. For one thing, I now better understand the situation that has led to the poor quality of some of their manga. I can’t imagine a publishing company that produces so much material running on only six employees. Frankly, I’m shocked the shutdown didn’t happen sooner.

I am sorry to see them go, however, and I don’t dare speculate on what will or will not happen to their unfinished series. I believe I was following only two or three at this point but, as it happens, Tokyopop was never very good at keeping up with those particular series, so this is more like the last straw that makes me shrug helplessly than a cause for panic and dismay over potentially never getting to the end of those manga.

I’ve been buying from Tokyopop ever since it was Mixx, so I imagine it will be strange not typing that name into the info line for anymore reviews of new manga. All the same, I hope the former employees of the company do well, and that the remaining manga publishers are able to fill the gap.



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