Contra Alliance Pre-Review Post!

Very soon, I’ll be reviewing Shadows of the Past, the first book released from the Contra Alliance series. Since I find it an incredibly interesting, not to mention ambitious, project, I wanted to talk about it briefly prior to posting my review.

After looking over the PR materials for this series, it took me a matter of seconds to decide that I wanted to read the first book. The story spans about 1700 years over two trilogies and a companion comic book, and it combines a near future military conflict on Earth with a galactic struggle that has been taking place for far longer.

I’m very excited to see how Tom Kolega combines recognizable elements from our world with this science fiction story. I’m also pleased that there has been such a collaboration of talents. The artists involved in the project—Joe Benitez, Victor Llamas, and Edgar Delgado—are all names that those who read various comic book titles will likely recognize. They’ve certainly done a lovely job with the book cover, so I’ll be interested to see what else they’ve come up with for the series.

Keep your eyes open for the review of Shadows of the Past within the next week or so. I expect to have a lot to say about this book.



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