On My Wishlist (#6)

Welcome to another On My Wishlist, a weekly event hosted by Book Chick City where participants list books they want but haven’t yet purchased, whether they be old, new, or upcoming.

This week we’ve got two upcoming titles and two out of print titles.

The Hidden Goddess by M.K. Hobson
Last year I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Hobson’s first novel, The Native Star, while reviewing for BSCreview . I loved the characters and the setting of that novel, not to mention the magic system, so I’m definitely looking forward to the second book when it comes out later this month. I can’t wait to see what happens next for Emily Edwards and Dreadnought Stanton. It will be something incredibly entertaining, I imagine.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne
I learned about this book via the Suvudu blog. I have to say, I’m excited at the prospect of a novel about Druids. Even I, with my tendency to avoid urban fantasy, don’t want to miss this. I’ve avoided reading much about it up to this point. I think I’d like to be surprised as much as possible, so I’m even refusing to read the Amazon summary. Based on what the author said in his blog post, I’m hoping for something fun, and I don’t want to get any preconceived notions before buying it next month.

Invincible: The Games of Shusaku, ed. & trans. by John Power
I started playing Go back in 2003 or 2004. It’s not something that I’ve become very good at simply because I cannot devote as much time to it as I would like. Still, I’ve acquired a collection of books and game logs that I review occasionally when I’m able to study and play on the Kiseido Go Server. This book, however, is one that I have not yet purchased. Unfortunately, it is now out of print, but who knows. Maybe, one day, I’ll come across a copy at a price I can afford.

Bending the Willow by David Stuart Davies
This book is also out of print, much to my dismay. Back when I was watching the Jeremy Brett adaption of Sherlock Holmes, this biography cost about $15. Despite the reasonable price, I somehow failed to pick it up before it was discontinued. By the time I had resolved to, finally, add it to my Amazon cart, it could only be purchased through a third party at an extremely high price. The last time I checked, the lowest price I could find was about $125. As much as I still want to read this book, it will, like Invincible, have to wait until I can find it somewhere within my price range.



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