Book Blogger Hop #5 (3/11-3/14)

And I’m back from hiatus for this week’s Book Blogger Hop!

For anyone new who’s interested, you can click the image below to check out the source of the BBH.

Book Blogger Hop

This week’s question is

“If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?”

Hmmm…excellent question. What would I buy right now with $80? The book I’m waiting on this month isn’t out yet, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t walk away with several good books.

First, I’d be likely to pick up The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man by Mark Hoddard. I do love having the next installment in any series I’m reading, even if I’ve got several books lined up before it.

Next, I’d buy Black Butler volumes two through four. I already picked up volume one, and it turns out that there are only four out, so I might as well get the rest while there are only a few!

Well, that would account for about $45, assuming I got them all at full price, which leaves me another $35.

Next, I’d probably pick up the Arthur Rackham Treasury, since I’ve been wanting to buy that book for months now. Finally, I’d get India Black by Carol K. Carr and leave the remaining $8 or so for some mass market paperback that looked interesting.

Of course, all of these choices (except for The Curious Case of Clockwork Man and Black Butler) are dependant on whether or not I get distracted by something completely new and interesting. I could very well end up in the illustration aisle buying another art book, which would cost me about $25-$30 straight off. You never know!



5 responses to “Book Blogger Hop #5 (3/11-3/14)

  1. Totally cool choices!!! I bought The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man for my library, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I really liked India Black, and got to do a short interview with the author (on my blog a few weeks ago) — and I like Black Butler, too. 🙂

    Hopped on by to say hi, and have now discovered your very cool blog. Looking forward to see what’s next here. 🙂

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