On My Wishlist (#1)

Welcome to my first participation post for On My Wishlist, a weekly event hosted by Book Chick City where participants list books they want but haven’t yet purchased, whether they be old, new, or upcoming.

Now, there are a ton of books on my wishlist–I’m sure that’s true of most booklovers. But to keep these posts reasonably short, I’ll only post four books at a time. This week, we have the following:

The Fallen Blade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
There’s something about this book that’s just begging me to read it. Is it the alternate Renaissance Italy? Is it the presence of assassins? Is it the recruiting of a young man as an assassins’s apprentice? Is it the author’s supremely cool name? Who knows. But I have every intention of picking it up now that I see it’s been out for a few weeks (why it wasn’t written on my release calendar is beyond me. …and, yes, I keep a calendar of such things). Hopefully Borders will have it, unlike the last two books I went there to buy. Reviews for this book range from the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest, so I don’t know where I’ll fall in. I suspect somewhere in the middle, but I’m eager to find out either way.

The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady by Elizabeth Stuckey-French
The author of this book is a local writer in my city, and also one of my recent instructors. I’ve been wanting to read it ever since she mentioned it in my publishing class, and now that it’s out I can’t wait to pick it up (and I’d better hurry if I plan to have it before the local signing). So far it’s received wonderful reviews, and I’m really looking forward to it. Some of the local film students produced a book trailer, which you should watch for fun–you can find it on the book’s Amazon page. The actress in the trailer was one of my classmates during my first editing workshop–she’s fabulous.

The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu (trans. Edward G. Seidensticker)
As part of my endeavor to read one epic novel a year (at the moment it’s The Count of Monte Cristo), I want to purchase a copy of the The Tale of Genji. I’ve been wanting to read it for ages, but ever since learning more about it in my Japanese art history class it’s become a major goal. The problem is that I don’t want just any edition. If I did, I would have bought the one available at Borders by now. No, I want the edition translated by Edward G. Seidensticker, which means I need to order it online, which means I’m dragging my feet about it. I should probably hurry, though. You never can tell when something will go out of print. (Dear Universe: That was a comment, not a request.)

Ichigenme, vol. 1 & 2 by Fumi Yoshinaga
Since reading Ooku and Antique Bakery I’ve become a big Fumi Yoshinaga fan. Unfortunately, many of her other series can’t be found in stores, which leads to ordering online, which…well, as I said about The Tale of Genji, I tend to drag my feet about such things. I’m one of those people who likes to hunt down her acquisitions in the store. Alas, may of them have stopped carrying many of the things I would buy. In any case, Ichigenme is one of several other Yoshinaga titles I would like to get a hold of. If I can just remember to check my shopping list the next time I feel like making an online order, it might actually make it into my cart.

After this, I promise to post a few reviews. I have several things completed and ready to write about, but I’m presently delayed by article and editing deadlines, as well as by the need to attend several events one after the other. Soon, though!



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