Books on Screen: Gantz Movie Review at BSCreview

Since I never wrote up my review of the new Gantz movie (because, let’s be honest, I completely forgot), I’ve decided to do a little promotion for someone else and point out that Lexie C. of Poisoned Rationality has done a short write-up of the film over at BSCreview.

She does a nice job of summing up both the good parts of the film and its issues. I agree with her take on the dubbing, the pacing, and the special effects. Like me, she’s coming at this film with only a basic understanding of the series, so if you’re a hardcore fan who had a lot of serious hangups about the movie, you won’t find them mentioned here.

As a bit of additional material based on my own experience–I didn’t know that Kenichi Matsuyama was in this film until I got there. Actually, I was telling a friend of mine about him when, in the middle of our conversation, I looked up at a combination on-screen Gantz poster and trivia question about Death Note (concerning L, specifically), and I suddenly realized that he was one of the two main actors. I think that biased me in the film’s favor. . . .

(By the way, I heard a disturbing rumor at the film. Is there an American remake of Death Note in the works? Please say no. I’m imagining Justin Bieber as Light and dying a little inside. Confirm or deny?)

Take a look at Lexie’s review and let her know your thoughts!


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