Monster by Naoki Urasawa – external article

MONSTER by Naoki Urasawa
Viz Media, 18-volume manga series
Madhouse, 74-episode anime series

Genre: Psychological Suspense Thriller/Horror/Mangasidebar_monsterdvd

Once again, Pink Raygun has kindly accepted one of my articles. This time I tackled a rather lengthy subject (at least, it’s lengthy when I write about it)–namely, the Monster animation. Granted, this is a book review site, and I only touch lightly on the manga. But, frankly, I consider the two rather interchangeable (as the article will explain) so I don’t have any qualms about linking to it here. Monster is Monster.

I begin with a general overview of the series and follow with short pieces on each of the major characters. I then talk about the animation itself as well as its American release. Keep in mind that I did write this before the first episode aired on Syfy (October 12). The show is now in its third week with two episodes every Monday night. I’ve been watching them religiously despite the fact that they keep me up far past my bedtime.

If you haven’t been watching, you should be! I’m still leery of the dubbing, of course, but anyone who knows anything about anime knows that’s just how it is. Although I will say that Liam O’Brian is a fantastic Tenma.



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