Book Get! #3: This Time It’s the Bookstore’s Fault (1 Title)

THE DROWNING CITY by Amanda Downum
Orbit, 2009, 370 pages, 978-0-316-06904-5, Mass Market Paperback, $7.99drowningcity

Today I went to Borders with the intention of purchasing Midwinter by Matthew Sturges; after yesterday’s release of the cover art for The Office of Shadow (which is viewable on the Pyr blog), I wanted to go ahead and put the first book in my immediate reading stack.

Unfortunately, Borders’s inventory system is a dirty, dirty liar, because they did not have any copies despite it being “likely” in the store. I meandered about for twenty minutes, checking displays, end-caps, and carts just to be certain that it wasn’t hiding somewhere else. Alas, no luck.

As a result, I went back to the SF/F section and browsed aimlessly to kill another five minutes. I walked by The Drowning City, glanced at it, walked past, then took a step backward and decided to read the blurb. After that I read the first page and quickly decided to buy it.

The Drowning City is the first book in Downum’s The Necromancer Chronicles. Obviously, I can’t say much about it since I haven’t read it yet, but it has spies, pirates, smugglers, and an Imperial government–so many of my favorite fantasy elements. I do love books about intrigue, and I’m interested in seeing what this author manages to do.

A note about the cover–the woman on the front reminds me more than a little of the way the “evil” men were dressed in The Two Towers (and, yes, I just spent thirty minutes looking up that scene before finishing this sentence*). You know, the guys swathed in black with the heavy eyeliner….

In any case, my acquisition of Midwinter was intended to lead into an essay about cover art, but instead you have that random little note about the Lord of the Rings film. Either way, an essay is forthcoming at some point during the week.

* Actually, this thirty minutes involved a heated competition with my friend about which movie the Frodo-and-Sam-are-captured-by-Faramir scene was in, followed by a second heated competition over which chapter of the movie it was once we figured out it was in The Two Towers. Halfway through this debate I got backhanded in the mouth, and we eventually came to the conclusion that we were both half-right.



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