Honey Hunt, vol.1 by Miki Aihara – review

HONEY HUNT, vol. 1 by Miki Aihara
Viz Media, 2009, 189 pages, 978-1-4215-2347-7, Paperback, $8.99

Genre: Manga/Shoujohoneyhunt

In true Miki Aihara style, there’s a love-quartet happening in Honey Hunt. Finding out which of the three starring males is going to end up with our bemused and somewhat naive heroine will be an interesting journey. I could make predictions about who the winner will be, but I’d probably be wrong.

Yura Onozuka finds her life flipped on its head when the news comes out that her celebrity parents are splitting up. She isn’t anything like her parents—she can barely look anyone in the eye, for that matter—and trying to hold her own in this new and crazy set of circumstances is a challenge. Yura feels abandoned by her parents and slighted by her mother in particular. She becomes determined to prove herself and to take care of herself without their help, which leads her to do what no one might have expected from her.

Meanwhile, she has not only caught the eye of her father’s manager, but also that of a young music star. And when that music star’s rival notices this, Yura becomes the center of a curious tug-o-war game. All of this attention garners jealousy from the girls working with Yura, and someone sets out to sabotage her chance to succeed.

Anyone familiar with Hot Gimmick will want to run out and get Honey Hunt. It’s full of the miscommunication, drama, and emotion that drove the previous manga and, of course, Aihara’s art style is always worth it. Having finished volume one, I’m expecting good things. For that matter, I expect it might be even more interesting than Hot Gimmick (which I loved enough on its own). If there are jealous parties involved who are attempting to thwart Yura’s plans, then finding out who those people are and how Yura overcomes their scheming (assuming she does overcome their scheming) will be fun.

I’m absolutely looking forward to the rest of this series.



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