Pet Shop of Horrors by Matsuri Akino – external article

PET SHOP OF HORRORS by Matsuri Akino
Tokyopop, 10-volume manga series

Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Mangapetshop

I recently did a general review of the manga and anime Pet Shop of Horrors for Pink Raygun. Since it’s published there, I’m certainly not going to post it here. I am, however, going to direct you to the article on that site: Pet Shop of Horrors Review.

Upcoming for The Reader Eclectic, however, will be a post on the Matsuri Akino arbook, Maboroshi no Hana Yoi no Tsuki, complete with images — as soon as my hardware starts working properly, that is. The artbook features a number of PSoH images (mostly of Count D) and should be of interest to fans of the manga.

Incidentally, fans of science fiction, fantasy, and comics (or geek culture in general) may want to poke around Pink Raygun if they never have before. It’s updated quite regularly, and the contributors are both entertaining and knoweldgeable about their topics.



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